Monday, February 18, 2008

Pain brings us closer

This recent month has brought me through something deeply painful in my life. The kind of pain that cripples you and brings you sleepless nights, agony and sorrow. One thing that i have discovered about myself or my life i guess, is that there is only one undeniable thing that seems to keep me hanging on. Even if hanging on looks remarkably like hopelessness and depression. The one thing that somehow sustains me is that God IS... He IS... People and relationships, circumstance and status, worth and value can all fall away, but one thing that will never change is God. Because he just IS, and always was. For me, He will always become, right at that last dying painful moment, the certainty that keeps me going... It is at points like these, I believe we are closest to God, in our moments of utter dependency. At these times, there is such a clarity and honesty about the way we relate to Him, and how we feel about Him. If anything, this must give us hope. My wish for all of us who are hurting and lost in these moments of life is this... that we would find God's Peace, and learn to become at one with that peace. To let go of all the things that we attempt to control and manipulate, no matter how painful. To just sit, and feel His presence, and in that moment to know, that He IS...

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